Personal Information:


To continually develop and apply my creative, technical and management skills in the field of modern media design. This includes strategic planning, creative development, interface creation & media design for Internet & Intranet applications, interactive multimedia and traditional media.


Bachelors of Fine Arts
Imaging and Electronic Arts
(minor in Psychology)
University of MD, Baltimore County,
Art Department FA111,
5401 Wilkens Ave.,
Catonsville, MD 21228

  • Continuing studies in Multimedia, Management and the Arts.
  • Practicing Artist in Digital, Studio, Photographic, Mixed Media and Literary Arts.
  • Constantly striving to assimilate and adapt new technology and information to any situation.

  • Skills:

    strategic planning, proposal writing, resource planning & management, WWW business models, digital marketing, "cross media" promotions.

    Project Management:
    concept development, flowcharts, team leadership; crisis intervention and trouble shooting; client relations, negotiation & education.

    Artistic ability:
    adaptability, creative solutions, multimedia design from concept to assets, print design & prepress, computer illustration, photography, videography, audio, mixed media.

    Technical Ability:
    Hardware/Software systems troubleshooting, configuration, repair/maintenance, mechanical theory and applications, basic robotics theory.


    Mac OS:
    Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Adobe Image Ready 3.0, Adobe Acrobat 4, Quark Express 4.0, BBEdit5.0, MacroMedia Director 6.0 / Shockwave, Sound Edit 16v2/ DECK II, Symantec Visual Page 1.1.1, GifBuilder, GraphicConverter, Netscape 4 /Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft Office 98, Macflow 4.0, Debabelizer 1.6.5, FastTrack Schedule 3.0, Telnet, Fetch FTP, FileMaker Pro 3.0;

    Flash 5.0, Dreamweaver 4.0, MacroMedia Director 7.0, Premiere 4.0, Allaire Cold Fusion 4, Microsoft Office 97/Project 98, Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus (music), Corel;

    AutoDesk Animator Pro & 3D Studio, Time Arts Lumena & Crystal 3D, Island Graphics Tips, Dr. Halo, Word Perfect, "Live" (© Prendergast and Rice, 1988, Proprietary Image processing & manipulations software), Syntech (music), Voyetra Sequencer Plus (music).

    familiar with Alias, Wavefront, Matador, SoftImage;

    Languages: HTML 4.0, Javascript, Lingo; Learning: Action Script, DHTML

    Publications & Performances:

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    Thank you for your time and consideration...


    Timothy Prendergast, Creative Producer/Director/Artist.